‘[Shen Yun] just really struck a chord with me, so much with the music’

February 12, 2017

“It’s just beautiful, very beautiful; very moving. It just really struck a chord with me, so much with the music. It just sings in harmony with the human soul. It’s so beautiful. And just love the aspect of the spiritual side of human nature … . It’s just beautiful—truly divine.”


“One thing that stuck with me is that when someone makes something beautiful in this lifetime, that it can live on and on into future generations. And just the importance of doing something important and beautiful with your life, that transcends, [that’s] the divine part of yourselves, and that lives on.”


“(A) belief that transcends all cultures [is] belief in a Creator, and there’s a common thread in all humanity that we all have a kind Creator, and that we’re all divine.”

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Elizabeth Kramer, environmental protection specialist, EPA
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Muriel Kauffman Theatre, Kansas City, United States
Shen Yun Touring Company
February 11, 2017