Shen Yun, ‘It’s a piece of art on the stage,’ Art Dealer Says

April 13, 2018

“I love it; it’s visually stimulating and beautiful. I love the fact that they tell you the story of what the dance is going to be before you see it because it makes the dance more meaningful and interpreted. I am really enjoying it.”

“I think they should show it all over the world, and they should be allowed to show it in China as well.”

I love it [the orchestra combining traditional Western and Eastern instruments]. It fits everything perfectly and it was originally written for this performance. It’s very inspirational and its beautiful. The whole collaboration is just very well put together and very well done.”

“I see a lot of spirituality in their dance and in their culture.”

“I absolutely can tell [that the performers follow an ancient meditation practice]. The whole performance is emotional and evokes a lot of emotions.”

“It’s a piece of art on the stage; it’s art in movement. That’s the way I’d describe it.”