Shen Yun Is What Humanity Should Be

May 7, 2017

“It was amazing. I’m in awe. I want to see it again. The yellow flowers, my gosh, it was gorgeous. They make things effortless, I’m thinking they’re on springs or something, the talent that they have.”

“I’m just in awe—they take me to a place … .”

“The opera singer, I was in tears. Just to see the words, what she was singing about, I cried. They’re happy tears because it reminds, it takes me back to this, this is what we’re here for. If it wasn’t for our Creator, we wouldn’t be here. And we’ve got to do good things in life so … we get to the heaven.”

“I was excited. … This is what humanity should be about—be good to each other, remember that you were created from the Creator, you can go back to him, to the heaven, that’s promised—that’s how I feel.”

“The passion, the passion that they have for the whole thing… I’m going to see it again and I’m going to tell everybody. I’m going to go on my Facebook, ‘You’ve got to see this, it’s a must-see.’”