Shen Yun Is Visually Spectacular, Says International Interior Designer

April 29, 2017

“I’m thrilled by it. I think it’s beautiful, it’s visually spectacular, but the music is extraordinary.”

“It’s so great to have a live orchestra. It makes the performance even more beautiful. It’s very impressive. It’s a great orchestral sound from what sounds like a more country sound to a more formal music.”

“I think the [dancers] are really quite talented. I can see that the work that goes in and the synchronization. Everyone is performing in exactly the same movement. I would not expect anything less.” 

“I’m looking at the design, I’m looking at the color, the balance of colors that’s spread throughout the stage, the costume is beautiful – the male costumes, the female costumes – it’s all extraordinary.”

“You get a little bit from television and commercials, but it’s so much more impressive when you’re actually here seeing it live. It’s really enveloping you. We have wonderful seats. I don’t think I can miss it from any angle.”

“I am very surprised at how beautiful it really is. I’ve been admiring this for a long time. This is my first time, and I’m loving it.” 

“I think that it’s worth anyone an opportunity to see and experience the beautiful dance and culture.”