Shen Yun Is Visually Outstanding Says Dance Teacher

February 4, 2018

“Incredible—visually outstanding. The costuming, and everything is incredible. I’m imagining the quick changes backstage … and then they come onstage, they’re so composed and beautiful.”

“I love it. I’m sitting there just watching the choreograph and so amazed. I love that they’re wearing flats…. Because then you’re just watching the whole experience, and not necessarily just watching the footwork, which I think it really great.”

“You’re almost holding your breath watching them, because it’s so in sync … every line movement, every arm, every turn it’s all in sync. It’s incredible.”

“[The music] it’s incredible. You’re seeing all the main jumps and everything, and you’re hearing it in the music as well. So I think it just makes it more of that “wow” factor. … and everything starts to build up. It’s really great.”

“[I am] definitely [inspired]. My mind’s already ticking of just costume ideas [for my dancers], because it’s just incredible, and all the different visual costumes we’re seeing. “