Shen Yun Is Very Inspirational, Says Engineer

April 8, 2017

“I’m really elated, it’s excellent. It’s very inspirational, I really enjoyed it. You can’t fault it at all, the music, the choreography, the dancers, the movements, everything is excellent.”

“I read the stories behind all these performances, that was what fascinated me. So it’s not just the performance, it’s the story behind it and very rich culture, 5000 years.”

“I think everything [is memorable], this is the first time I’ve watched it, I’m very fascinated by it. I will be very interested [to come every year.] It’s very, very, very good.”

“I would say definitely go and watch it. It’s the performance, it’s the story behind that, it’s healthy, it’s good, and I congratulate [Shen Yun] for keeping that culture alive because I don’t think anybody else would be doing that.”