Shen Yun Is Uplifting, Flowing, and Spiritual, Attorney Says

February 16, 2018

“I have never experienced much of Chinese culture, so it’s very nice, learning a lot.”

“The dancing is very elegant. There is … a martial arts flare to it, and the music is uplifting.”

“[There] is a lot of anxiety in the world these days and a lot of upheaval, and this is more like: There’s a flow to it; there’s a natural progression of things, and with this universal flow, this spirituality, it’s very uplifting.”

“There is a spirituality to it and people need to get back to the spiritual beings.”

“There is a spirituality to it and people need to get back to their spiritual beings—it’s kind of a shame we are losing touch, even in this nation, with our spirituality. And then there is the decay of morals and values, which are important. Without the morals and values and without the spirituality and the creativity and the freedom, what do you have? You lose a lot—but this is nice, it’s very nice.”

“It would be nice if [Shen Yun] could go to China and bring this back there … . Who knows what the future holds.”