Shen Yun Is Uplifting and Unique, Says Al Checchi

April 17, 2017

“I thought it was amazing. It’s so colorful. The dancers are incredibly talented.”

“The costuming is used as a prop. I’ve never seen that before. The precision is amazing, the energy … It’s very acrobatic, and it’s marvelous.”

“[The orchestra is] unique and very pleasurable. I’ve never heard music like that before.”

“I think it was very wise to have the two narrators tell you what you’re about to see; that was very helpful.” 

“[I felt] happy. I had a big smile on my face as I watched this. It’s very organic. You really have a sense of a kind of connection with life. The storytelling and history make you want to go to China.”

“I think it’s a shame that they can’t perform in China … Many of these dancing techniques come from thousands of years ago, and it would seem to me that it’s something you want to preserve. I don’t understand the political objective or what’s gained by suppressing dance.”

“I was emailing my friends trying to tell them they should see this before it leaves.” 

“You have to see it to believe it. It’s very uplifting, and it’s unique. It’s unlike any dance that I’ve seen before.”