Shen Yun Is ‘Truly Beautiful’ Says Theatregoer

April 28, 2017

“This show was a nice discovery. There is a wide range of pieces: from opera to piano, to traditional Chinese instruments to the magic of the dances. It’s very beautiful. Truly beautiful.”

“The message is clear, it indicates a will to revive an ancient culture which is banned in today’s China—the scenes were very explicit about this and I find the topic to be extremely well argued, very well exposed with a professionalism typical to Chinese people.”

“There are no frontiers about the spoken words delivered in the show. In principle, this transcends all systems.”

“It is a way to present a culture and to make us aware of this immense civilizations which is five thousand years old.”

“I’m truly happy to see this show here in Montpellier. I would be happy to see more of Shen Yun’s stories next year. This show makes me curious about China.”