Shen Yun Is ‘Something for the Ages,’ Says Photographer and Film Producer

April 29, 2017

“It was outstanding. It was an unbelievable, spectacular — I mean the dance, 5,000 years of Chinese culture. It was a combination of ballet, acrobatics, [and] perfection we saw. On a scale of 10 it’s a 12. It’s just perfection. It’s a must see. Absolutely a must see.”

“Besides being beautiful, and the beautiful costumes, their performances were mesmerizing. They were just… you can’t describe it — words are futile.”

“That was a great blend [of Eastern and Western instruments]. It was impressive to do that. … and great musicians.”

“[The vocal soloists were] beautiful. Beautiful.” 

“The lyrics were beautiful.” 

“What I was really impressed with was the visuals on the screen where they (dancers) would fly on the screen.” 

“There’s a lot of spirituality in there, definitely, and there was also comedy. There was pathos, there was an antagonist — it was everything. It was drama. [It] went through all the emotions.”

(Is Shen Yun good for society?) Definitely. [Shen Yun is] giving art. … The word of mouth [advertising about Shen Yun] has gone out. This Is a must see. This is something for the ages.” 

“[My] experience was mesmerizing. I’m going to be an ambassador [for Shen Yun]. I’m going to tell everyone, ‘You have to come and see Shen Yun.’ Absolutely. And I’m going home with a big smile. I want to come back again to see 2018.” 

“They have to come and sit down, and it will unfold, something that they’ve never seen – something that I’ve never seen before — on that level. 

“That’s a level that I’ve never seen before — in dance, in performance, in art, and music — it’s spectacular.” 

“I’m going home enlightened.”