Shen Yun Is Powerful Art That Should be Experienced, Says Theatergoer

March 19, 2017

“It was amazing. … The dancing is spectacular.” 

“The stories and the education and the meaning behind everything was awesome.” 

“It’s a fully immersive experience the second they come out … you’re so drawn in. … They just guide you on a ride, like a magical journey.”

“I’m aware of what is going on in China, so bringing the story of Falun Dafa and what’s happening over in China … and learning about that through story, and art, and incredible performance is good.” 

“When I see a show like this, and the message that they’re bringing out, I want to amplify that; that’s where my thinking is going. So, how can I amplify this more and get it out there because what [Shen Yun] is doing is beautiful work, and it’s important.” 

“[Expression through music and dance] is softer and more subtle, and it hits on a deeper, soul level. It’s a beautiful experience and really important. I think it’s an important form of communication that carries more weight and a message and energy behind it. All the people [on stage] are masters because [it’s] so hard to do all that.” 

“The vibration of love is the underlying message.”

“It’s a very powerful piece of art that should be experienced. It’s something that you need to do.” 


Matt Belair, podcast host, author
Phoenix, United States
Shen Yun International Company
March 18, 2017