Shen Yun ‘Is Pleasing To The Eyes,’ Says Floral Business Owner

April 2, 2017

Joe Udayke:

“The color was earthy, pleasing to the eyes.” 

“There was a message in the end [of the show] about if we’re not careful, what might happen to us.” 

“Anybody can destroy the world with a nuclear war, the way it ended. I hope people that came here understood that if we don’t all pitch in together, that’s what going to happen to humanity. We’re going to be gone.” 

“[I] just tell them [friends] about it [Shen Yun], come see it, and I’m going to tell them there’s going to be a surprise ending.” 

Dvonne Pitruzzello: 

I enjoyed it very much. I saw [Shen Yun] a long time ago in Pasadena, with a friend. I thought he’d [Joe] enjoy it. That’s why I brought him. 

“I thought it was very beautiful the first time, and I thought it’s beautiful this time.” 

“If we choose to do the good thing and the right thing, then we’ll have a good earth.”