Shen Yun Is Phenomenal and Elegant, Artist Says

April 19, 2018

“It’s phenomenal. It’s good.”

“The choreography is phenomenal. I liked the long sleeves [vignette]. It was very vivid, very elegant, which I liked, and also the chopsticks [vignette] was very awesome.”

“The sleeves were just so elegant, and the beauty and symmetry of everything was just phenomenal. … The pop of the sleeves and they’d draw them back, and then flash them again.”

“I love the background music, and the noise with whatever they happen to be doing, like the slapping of the hands, or the chopsticks, or the stomping of the feet, or the bells. That added character to it.”

“[The orchestra] was a collaboration of both [Western and Chinese instruments].”

“There is a big story behind all of the dance.”

“The second to the last [vignette, I felt the spiritual aspect]. I don’t know, it just struck me. … I got kind of choked up a little bit, to be honest with you. I don’t know what exactly I was feeling, but I did feel something. Even the last one too, the emotions were there.”

“Yes, [I feel inspired]. I want to go and start painting, and doing some Taekwondo, and dancing.”