Shen Yun Is ‘On Another Level of Unison,’ Says Former Professional Ballet Dancer

April 15, 2017

“I have been waiting to see this show for about 10 years, when I was living and dancing in New York.”
“I thought it was so elegant, and so refined. The synchronicity of the dancers was unparalleled, and I have seen Bolshoi, the Mariinsky, [and] the Paris Opera. This was on another level of unison. The costuming was so vibrant, so electric. I look for those things because you can see the shortcuts in costumes, but these were so traditionally made; I was impressed, totally impressed.”
“It was such a mixture, and I didn’t know what to expect and then when I saw the segment pieces, I thought that was a great way to introduce a novice audience to Chinese Culture, to having, you know, both the strong story lines within some of the political themes, some of the religious themes, and the traditional ones; it was a great way to get a little taste of the culture on the whole versus just showing only one aspect of it.”
“When they said that the music was medicine, I felt that was so profound because as she started to play the instrument I was thinking, there are only two strings, but yet it really had all this texture to the music. I was sitting there, my head is moving, my body is moving. I am not even Chinese, yet I am feeling like she is emoting through the music, so I could definitely relate as one who is not even Chinese.”
“You can’t get any better than this quite frankly; the flexibility [of the dancers], the power, and the men. The men were so strong. They were elegant, but not feminine. They were powerful, even though they were doing the same choreography as the women at times, I was looking for their hands, and the hands, you can tell there is a difference, you know and in ballet there isn’t. In ballet your hands, female as male’s hands; they tend to be the same, but in Chinese traditional dance, you can tell, I made some research before I came in, about the Shen Yun. The Yun that breath of … that extra [feel] with the body, like you could see it when they were performing, so it was good to do the research first and then come to the show, because you can actually see it.”
“I really enjoyed Chinese music, traditional Chinese music; I was into it. I was into it; just from the start; the variation going from peace and serenity and to, you know, very up tempo within one piece was good for me.”
“I love the drums (“Tibetan Drums”). I love that because at first, when they came on, I didn’t know how they were going to play the drums. I thought the orchestra was going to play, and for the dancers to be able to be so musical and so synchronized at the same time, it was really impressive. That was my favorite piece.”