Shen Yun Is ‘Not Just Entertainment,’ Buena Park Mayor Says

April 6, 2018

“Wonderful! It’s absolutely beautiful. The colors, the dancers and the storyline is just phenomenal, very pretty.”

“[The dancers] are phenomenal. Their movements are so graceful. It’s just really pretty how they tell a story with their body and their movements.”

“[The music and live orchestra are] gorgeous. It’s just peaceful. You’ve got to be careful not to want to sleep, but it’s so restful. It’s very, very nice.”

“[I felt] peace, a sense of peace. We’re so busy in our lives, and I rushed over here. Now I feel very relaxed, very calm.”

“It was very, very good. Just beautiful, it’s just very, very beautiful.”

“[The performance] educates us to see the difference is not that different. The beauty [Shen Yun] brings is very culturally educational for us.”

“You could feel it. It wasn’t just a dance. It was like they were part of the movement and the energy of it all. It wasn’t just entertainment. … It felt like maybe divine. It was beautiful.”