Shen Yun Is Like Perfection, Founder of Universal Events Says

April 22, 2018

“[It’s] beautiful. The costumes are amazing, the music is wonderful. Today would be my grandmother’s 97th birthday. She passed away in September, so we came here today to celebrate her because she loves music, she loves art, she loves entertainment. …”

“It’s just magnificent. It’s like perfection. It’s so entertaining, it’s so lively. [It] just really makes us super happy, and [we] feel great energy, like my granny is here.”

“[The dancers are] beautiful, outstanding. The choreography—it’s outstanding.”

“I love the vibrant colors of the costumes and the sparkles and all of that, so definitely top-notch.”

“I feel very high energy, so just very happy, … very calm, relaxed, [a] happy type of energy.”

“Everything about the [traditional Chinese] culture seems really cool. … I’m kind of feeling the culture, you know through the performance, which is great.”

“Overall, [it’s] an outstanding experience.”