Shen Yun Is ‘Like Being Inside a Fairy Tale’

January 9, 2017

“I’ve been planning to come here for more than five years and this year my parents are here from Brazil, so I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift and they are loving it. They are here now and they are loving it.”


“I am impressed with the synchronicity of the music, the technology. I’ve never seen the use of technology and music and dancing all synchronized at the same time, and I’m really impressed with it.”


“It’s something that actually moves you; it makes you want to be part of it. It takes you away from your reality—you go through different lands and different times. The umbrella dance was so beautiful. It was like being inside a fairy tale, really nice, I really enjoyed it. And I have two daughters so I’m thinking about for next year, I’m probably bringing them. This year was my parents, next year my daughters.”