Shen Yun Is Inspiring and Energetic, Property Developer Says

February 25, 2018

“It was very entertaining, inspiring, and energetic. Beautiful ladies and very handsome gentleman.”

“It certainly inspires people in the respect that you look at it and you’re very much part of it. You are not just sitting back and watching something, you’re trying to see the movement of the ladies, because they are so perfectionist in the way they move their arms, and the legs, and the body, and the twists and the turns.”

“You’re looking to see what the real meaning of it is in China, to see exactly what they are trying to portray in the actual dancing.”

“They seem to get to higher heights than what most athletes can get to. And they are very light on their feet.”

“You look at it and that enables you to feel higher and higher in yourself.”

“I am looking forward to it coming to Birmingham, because I’m actually from Birmingham. I feel sure I shall be watching it in May as well.”