Shen Yun Is Gods’ Work Through Man

April 1, 2016

TAINAN, Taiwan—”I have been looking forward to this night the minute I booked the ticket,” said calligrapher Hsieh Yung-Tien. And he couldn’t wait to talk about it after watching Shen Yun Performing Arts’ first show in Tainan, Taiwan, on March 31.

“How could man have created a work so perfect? The scenes on the digital backdrop were ever-changing. They couldn’t have been man’s work. The show is different every year and the presentation is beyond imagination. For me, it is more legendary than legends. I admire the proficiency of Shen Yun’s artistic director. Gods must have done the work through his hands,” he said, explaining his thoughts and how he came to this conclusion. Mr. Hsieh’s calligraphy works have been published in various art collections. He has been invited to the Presidential Palace to give a live performance.

It is more legendary than legends.
— Hsieh Yung-Tien, calligrapher

“The performance pulled on every strand of my nerves. It’s soul-cleansing,” Mr. Hsieh said, “It felt like I was looking at the stage through a wide-angle zoom lens and the magnitude of the battle between good and evil was taken to a breath-taking extent.”

He has no doubt about his passion for Shen Yun. “I have seen many performances around the world and there isn’t one that is even close to Shen Yun. I watch the show at least twice a year when Shen Yun is in town. I have introduced it to over 100 friends and most of them came back to thank me, saying that they would never have known what they missed if it wasn’t for me.”

The performance pulled on every strand of my nerves. It’s soul-cleansing.
— Hsieh Yung-Tien, calligrapher

“The creativity I saw had the power to change people’s thoughts. The morals in the stories offer Shen Yun audiences with inspiration and life wisdom. For me, after I started watching the show, I opened myself up to my family and friends and was able to embrace them.”

Mr. Hsieh was proud of his Chinese heritage. “Shen Yun makes me proud. The show included the essence of the 5,000 years of Chinese culture. I know it because I have read a lot of literature on Chinese history. Shen Yun even included the [spiritual] part of the history that was left out in the books, and painted a clearer picture of the history for me.”

Reporting by Long Fang and Lin Hsin-Yi

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