Shen Yun Is Exquisite, Says Former Dance Teacher

April 24, 2017

“It’s exquisite, the postures and the expressions, and the music, … Very lovely, very satisfying.”

“[It’s] emotionally [satisfying] because there is so much drama, and yet there is so much to learn to each story, the orphan (“A Child’s Choice” vignette), … It was so well choreographed. The discipline of the dancers, they need wings, that’s all, they just need wings, they fly.”

“[The dancing is] above superior. We don’t have the discipline, the heart, to be totally committed to becoming artists like they are.” 

“The training, the exquisite posture, the timing of moments of movements, how they were coordinated, I can’t imagine their instructors. They have to be so precise in turning their hands, and turning their heads, it’s just so much dedication on both the dancers and instructors’ [parts]. There’s really love there.”

“I love the sleeve dance (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”). I love the costumes. I love the ladies.” 

“I love the gentleman who sang, the tenor, he was wonderful. [His lyrics], ‘Make your decision before the gates close,’ it’s very impactful.”