Shen Yun Is ‘Entertaining, Visually Beautiful,’ Producer Says

April 16, 2018

“It’s really beautiful. I’ve just gotten lost in it.”

“[The performance is] entertaining, visually beautiful. The performers are very talented. Overall, [it’s] wonderful and enjoyable.”

“The palette is gorgeous, the costumes. I love the interaction between the screen and the performers. Just the fact that there’s another element, it’s not just the performers. You have a second element of the visuals.”

“The costumes are gorgeous. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sleeves [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’ vignette].”

“I love the orchestra. They’re amazing, very talented. And it really brings the performances to life because it adds so much dimension to what they’re doing.”

“I love the stories. The story with the young man and the woman who got engaged [‘Devotion’], it made me almost want to cry. It was just very touching.”

“It touches my heart — the love. It’s just all really wonderful.”

“I definitely feel the spiritual connection.”

“I think it’s great [Shen Yun’s mission to revive traditional Chinese culture]. I love seeing all the traditional dance and the culture.”

“My feeling is very peaceful and very happy. I feel I’m enjoying myself very much.”

“I’ve heard of Shen Yun for years and years, from the commercials and the posters. … I got the best seats I could get; we’re front row center. I bought them before the holidays as a gift for my daughter. I’m lucky that she decided to take me with her.”

“I expected the dance, I just didn’t know what else to expect, and so there’s so much more. So, it was a nice surprise.”