Shen Yun Is ‘Divine on All Levels,’ Says City Councillor

March 1, 2017

“It was absolutely stunning. It’s a visual feast for the eyes. And the sound, the orchestra—I love the mixing of the Western and the Eastern musical instruments. That’s just incredible. And the performers are so talented.”


“Stunning. Most striking is the colour—the colour is fabulous. And I love the use of the back screen as well, and how the performance interacted with [it]. … The colours, the movement—really, really beautiful. … The music was fantastic.


“I love [the erhu solo]. That instrument is the essence of Chinese music, of Eastern music, and it is absolutely beautiful. And the tenor had the most amazing voice, and the pianist, she was amazing.”


“What I loved about the lyrics is that it’s a uniform feeling of what spirituality is. You don’t have to believe in any particular god or follow any particular religion. The theme that ran through the songs that the tenor was singing was universal, and that’s what I loved. … Those lyrics were absolutely beautiful, and his voice was stirring. It was stunning.”


“The use of colour and sound and the amazing performance—there’s no question that it is divine. It was divine on all levels. … It was absolutely wonderful. I feel as light as the dancers.”


“All in all, this is an unbelievably talented group and organization, and I really commend them. What an amazing evening. … I brought my mother with me as my guest. She loved it too.


“It was superb. I definitely take with me this joy of colour, and that’s the most amazing, amazing aspect of this. And I am so pleased. I’ve wanted to see this for a very long time, so it is my absolute privilege and honour to be here.”