Shen Yun Is Divine Intervention

April 7, 2017

“I got so amazed by the performance. You combine precision and I saw the commitment of the performers, it was something outstanding. It was magical, I mean all the superlatives you can think of, it’s there.”


“This is one kind of a show that is peaceful and I found out that Shen Yun means divine. … I think that’s really amazing because when you watch the performance it gives you peace.”


“I think in the end the performance was not all about artistry but it’s more of recognizing their God who is Buddha and I said if they believe in their God, I would believe in my God so the message was very clear … it’s really all about God and that you give your entire life to Him and he will take care of you. I really believe there is divine intervention and that is what is really happening in that show.”


“The performance was not like any other performance .There is peace that you feel while watching the program and I think because of what I’ve said the precision and the commitment of the performers, I think made it all possible to be able to give out the message that it’s still Buddha who is in charge.”