Shen Yun Is ‘By far the best,’ Says Antique Mall Owner

March 12, 2017

“I have been in Las Vegas 28 years now, I have seen all kinds of shows, and this is by far the best I have ever seen, and I would have to say, probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. I was moved. It is really hard to describe. It is beautiful. It is just plain beautiful. [I] absolutely loved it.”


“The talent of the actors and actresses, the dancer teams are far above anything I have seen here in town. The idea and the mood behind it; it had a message, and it wasn’t just a surface message, it was something that really can get you. I have never been so impressed. We’re never going to miss it. Every time it comes in town, we are going to be here.”


“My wife is Buddhist, and so she gives me the Buddhist beliefs and such. I did a video a long time ago, I used to be a professional musician, and we did a music video [commemorating the] Tiananmen Square [Massacre]; [Shen Yun] explains what is happening in China better than anybody or anything I have ever seen before. It is something that people need to be aware of. It was heart wrenching—just amazing.”


“Going above and beyond the dancer teams that the actors and actresses did, [I was impressed by] the thought that goes into it. The yellow flowers dance (“Yellow Blossoms”) routine was something I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams. Everything was just so great, it is hard to pick one thing. It just hit you from all angles. It was amazing. I want to come back tomorrow and see it.”


“I do have a music background; I play base. I used to play professionally, and the combination of Western music, Western instruments, and Eastern instruments, was phenomenal. I was on my feet when he (the male emcee) was mentioning the various parts of the orchestra. The singers, the soprano, was insane. Just incredible. I have never seen anything this good, probably in my life. …  It is love; it is truly love.”


“[The singers] were phenomenal; I can only guess of their training. They couldn’t have been any better. They could not have been any better. They were both good. The message that they were getting across totally transcended the language barrier. It was great. It was really, really great.”


“It makes me glad that we did a [song] for the students of Tiananmen Square 27 years ago. It told me a lot more than what I knew, and it far transcended any of the commercials that I saw with regards to this show. The commercials didn’t even scratch the surface. I am at a loss, it is hard to put into words the beauty that I saw tonight. I am in love. Absolute love.”


“The best that I have ever had here in Las Vegas. It was my wife’s birthday. Actually, I do know it was the best time we ever had for her birthday. I can’t wait until it’s here again. Cannot wait. Love it.”