Shen Yun Is Brilliant Says Dance Manager

April 9, 2017

“It [Shen Yun] was fabulous. Basically presenting their culture, the traditions of different forms of dancing from different ethnicities and different parts of China, especially the classical and folks forms of dancing—it was beautiful. Especially the costume and the props and the synchronisation. The whole concept was amazing.”


“I think the dancers are very well trained, and the standard of dancing was excellent. The music part of it was amazing. The backdrops, the graphics, all those things. The perfect timing of the dancers, coming onto the stage, and exiting and entering. I think it’s a brilliant job”


“They covered various social issues from China, and the traditional values and the mythology, and they covered various concepts and conveyed it through their dance. That was amazing.”


“The show was brilliant. I would tell them [the performers] that their hard work paid off today. It was an amazing job. And thanks to their dance teachers and their mentors.”


“The discipline which they had, and the unity which they had on stage, the concept of that cooperative learning you know. Many aspects get into this production.”