Shen Yun Is Breathtaking, Says Video Editor

March 30, 2017

“The performance is absolutely spectacular. The dancers are so in symmetry, which is amazing to see. Everyone is just choreographed at the exact same time, which I really love to see.” 

“I love interactive shows, when you can combine video and actually live on-stage performance. It is just beautiful. It’s breathtaking. It is amazing to watch.”

“The dancers are so beautiful. They’re pretty, they’re flexible … All the dancers are just so in line with each other and when you get that symmetry lined up, your mouth just drops.” 

“The music is just absolutely instrumental … The spiritual values are also very important too … When you combine the spiritual element too, it just ignites the human spirit along with it. I really enjoyed that they had the spiritual side along with the beautiful culture and the art combined together.” 

“The show represents a heavenly part of it, which I just found out today that Shen Yun means divine, so you really see the divine aspect come down and touch the natural aspect.” 

“They really portray that there is a spiritual side to a lot of people, and when you show that along with the art and the [blessings], that’s what I really think we are here for. That needs to be told not only in a story that they are doing, but also just in dance and music.” 

“I personally got inspired just to step up my artistic game a lot too. So like when I see something at a high calibre like this, I want to do more creatively. I was inspired to do much more creatively with my life.” 

“There is so much culture worldwide that we as Americans just don’t see necessarily … Seeing something from a different part of the world and the artistic values, the artistic gifts and the spiritual side along with that, I think, a lot of Americans just need to see that and be aware of that.”