Shen Yun Is ‘Best Birthday Gift’

January 7, 2018

“It’s my very first time here. Amazing. Really enjoying it. … My husband brought me here for my birthday and it’s been fabulous. It’s probably the best birthday gift I’ve ever been given. The music, the dancing—everything has been wonderful.”

“The costumes—I love watching the ladies dance with their beautiful dresses and costumes. It’s magical. It’s lovely.”

“I know that there are thousands and thousands of years of [Chinese] history, so just watching all that come to life—it’s been very educational and eye-opening, and very inspirational.”

“It is a journey. … Just giving you an opportunity to take a look into the history of China to see all the beautiful dances and all the beautiful people, the culture. I would recommend everyone come and see it. I would come and see it again.”

“I think they [the female dancers] are just lovely. They’re so athletic and graceful and beautiful. And their costumes are beautiful. They’re my favorite part of the show. … [The male dancers] are good too. They’re fabulous. Everyone’s very professional and very coordinated.”