Shen Yun is ‘Beautiful Entertainment’

December 30, 2017

“It’s a beautiful show. The skill of the dancers is incredible. I enjoy the costumes, the music, the fact that there are different pieces of history. The commentators explaining the different historical pieces is very interesting, informative.”

“The first thing that I’m drawn to is [the dancers’] exquisite form, their technique, their costumes, they’re very beautiful, talented. … Their skill is just amazing, absolutely amazing. They must have trained for a very long time.”

“[Shen Yun] came highly recommended to me. As a therapist, I talk to a lot of people all the time, every day, and I’ve heard some really wonderful experiences for people, which is one of the reasons why I bought my family tickets for Christmas, so my mother-in-law is here from out of town, and I wanted something special, so I was happy to get the tickets.”

“I would say bring your children. Come as a family. It’s beautiful entertainment.”