Shen Yun is ‘An experience for all the senses,’ Says Award-Winning Journalism Professor

March 22, 2017

“It’s very inspirational.”


“I’m astonished at the dancing ability and the athleticism of the dancers. … being in the first row, I sneak a peak at the musicians sometimes because I appreciate what they’re doing, as well. … Just to watch everything, the coordination of everything, the choreography of everything, the arrangement of everything — it’s amazing.”



“An animated figure will come down [from the digital projection] and then pop up out of there [on stage]. The timing is perfect every time. … I suppose that’s the little kid in me that is fascinated by that.”



“I’m not sure words alone can do it justice, it’s such an experience for all of the senses.”



Joe Russomanno, professor of journalism
Ikeda Theater, Mesa, United States
Shen Yun International Company
March 21, 2017