Shen Yun Is All Just Enchanting

March 25, 2018

“It’s great that [emcees] come on to explain the dances to us. I think that’s wonderful because [though] you can tell what is going on, but to get a little bit of backstory, that’s nice to know. The dancing is—I don’t even know what word to describe it—it’s so amazing: like a combination of everything but it truly is dance and that’s wonderful to see.”

“Costumes are vibrant and beautiful and the backdrop is …, well it’s all just enchanting, it really is.”

“There is so much tradition there, and it’s horrific that [Shen Yun company members] are not able to perform this in their country.”

“It’s important that people are able to connect with their heritage and their traditions, so I feel like it would be enriching to anybody to be able to see this and see how they are demonstrating the past and moving into the future.”

“There is a lot of spirituality [onstage]—I just think it is great the way they are showing it. There is really a tie there, to the story and back to their [spirituality]. I think it is wonderful—it’s just breathtaking.”