Shen Yun Is a Wonderful Understanding of Chinese Culture

April 15, 2018

“I didn’t know anything about traditional Chinese dance, and so for me this was really very, very different and very pleasing in different ways.”

“I thought the music was beautiful. I liked the blend of the traditional Chinese instruments and the regular American instruments, and I found the humor very interesting in all of it.”

“The part that was really interesting to me was some of the [repression] in China, and I do think that’s important to Americans to understand that difference between China and here, and to bring that to us in a way that’s palatable in terms of entertainment is probably a very good thing.”

“I certainly didn’t realize that something as simple as that one performance where the men were roughing up a person, that could never be played in China, and I think that’s something that we should know and so I appreciated that part.”

“I thought [the erhu soloist] was brilliant. It must be very difficult with such a different instrument to play as complex music as that was.”

“It’s a wonderful understanding of Chinese culture—it was something that was very new to me and that’s something good to experience.”