Shen Yun Is ‘a Tremendous Show’

January 19, 2017

“I love it. It’s very good, really beautiful, and the talent is incredible. I’ve wanted to come for a number of years and I’m finally here this year. I’m so glad I came.”


“[What struck me was] the talent and how agile they are. It’s really incredible. And how everything comes together so easily, so effortlessly for them.” 


“[In terms of the values,] it shows that they love kindness and gentleness, really a love for humanity. That does come out certainly in the show. 

“[It speaks to me] very personally because in this world that’s what we need. We really need unity and people having tolerance for other cultures and really trying to be all-inclusive and to be more loving, kind, gentle to everyone. So certainly, it’s very important for these days.” 


“It’s really a tremendous show. I would recommend it to anybody.”

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