Shen Yun Is ‘A Step Above Anything I’ve Seen’ Says Naval Officer

February 4, 2018

“It’s amazing, amazing. I think the choreography is a step above anything I’ve seen previously!”

“I liked the classical movement that’s in a lot of the work that’s out there [on stage]. It’s good to see that traditional dance and the way that everybody moves as well as how the choreography was conducted, it was amazing!”

“I think the body movements are unique classical dance…small hand movements, the men’s small hand gestures, foot placement, everything like that, it’s unique and I really enjoy it.”

“Very traditional – I love the fact that it’s live music, that’s huge! As I was flipping through the booklet [program book], I saw that there were a lot of international people, not just Chinese, Japanese, or Taiwanese folks playing that music, some Germans, Polish and all that, it’s very amazing!”

“It’s [dancers and music] so well coordinated. It’s seamless. I think it’s taken a lot of practice for sure to get all of those to mesh together. Very well done!”

“In summary…it’s been enlightening. I’m learning more in about the last hour or so about Chinese culture than I ever have, digging into books or anything.”