Shen Yun Is ‘A Fantastic Experience,’ Company VP Says

March 11, 2018

“It was a fantastic experience filled with light, color, music and dance, it’s truly spectacular.”

“They’re [Shen Yun dancers] phenomenal they must have gone through years and years of training to put on a show like this.”

“[The orchestra] is amazing you can tell they’ve practiced and practiced and performed together for years.”

“[The erhu] was magnificent, I love that it was absolutely incredible; I really love that piece, it was stirring, fills the heart, fills the soul.”

“It’s a majesty of color, all different shades, from the beautiful pink hues, the blues, the greens, it’s just a magnificent presentation of costumes, color and pageantry, and then coordinated so well with the music.”

“The stories were all wonderful. Not knowing a lot of Chinese culture, they brought to life a lot of the stories [in a way] that we can identify with them.”

“Lots of wonderful stories, with love and marriage, losing a spouse going off to war, waiting all those years for him to return, true commitment, true values. I think they are really signifying some wonderful, wonderful values, I think we all could embrace those to be a wonderful world.”

“Come and see it. It’s colorful, it’s beautiful—spectacular. It’s great to see some customs and culture of [ancient] China, and expressed in a way that I think it’s truly magnificent and true.”

Greg Beeston, executive vice president global sales at JET MIDWEST INC.
The Smith Center, Las Vegas, United States
Shen Yun New York Company
March 10, 2018