Shen Yun Is ‘A Fantastic Experience,’ Company VP Says

March 11, 2018

“It was a fantastic experience filled with light, color, music and dance, it’s truly spectacular.”

“They’re [Shen Yun dancers] phenomenal they must have gone through years and years of training to put on a show like this.”

“[The orchestra] is amazing you can tell they’ve practiced and practiced and performed together for years.”

“[The erhu] was magnificent, I love that it was absolutely incredible; I really love that piece, it was stirring, fills the heart, fills the soul.”

“It’s a majesty of color, all different shades, from the beautiful pink hues, the blues, the greens, it’s just a magnificent presentation of costumes, color and pageantry, and then coordinated so well with the music.”

“The stories were all wonderful. Not knowing a lot of Chinese culture, they brought to life a lot of the stories [in a way] that we can identify with them.”

“Lots of wonderful stories, with love and marriage, losing a spouse going off to war, waiting all those years for him to return, true commitment, true values. I think they are really signifying some wonderful, wonderful values, I think we all could embrace those to be a wonderful world.”

“Come and see it. It’s colorful, it’s beautiful—spectacular. It’s great to see some customs and culture of [ancient] China, and expressed in a way that I think it’s truly magnificent and true.”