Shen Yun is ‘A divine gift,’ Says Former Ballet Dancer

March 16, 2017

“It was amazing, absolutely amazing. I felt like I was in a dream, everything was just floating and flowing and so beautiful. I love the costumes. I know how difficult it is to move and make it look as soft and easy as they were making it look and also have props like the umbrellas and drums. I just thought that was absolutely superb.”


“[The choreography was] excellent, excellent. … The movement with the music, everything was just superb. I didn’t see any [mistakes], if there were mistakes you couldn’t see them. It was just absolutely beautiful. I love to watch the way they move their arms, their feet were beautiful, the way they floated across the stage, and everything was just so ethereal. It was just lovely, lovely. I was mesmerized.”


“[The dancing] just seemed so natural. I know they worked hard, I see [that]; the classical training is so evident. I know that there’s been hard work, but they make it look [natural].”


“Even though I couldn’t speak the language, I knew what they were saying. It was lovely. It was magnificently performed.” 


“I love the effects. I didn’t know how [they] were going to do the effects for the stage. … It was just magnificent. [It] made you feel like you were in China, in Tibet. I’ve never seen such beauty.”


“[The music was] excellent. I like having the orchestra; it makes it so much more real to have the live music, and the orchestra was excellent. And to have it performed in this theater—I thought was perfect. The Orpheum Theatre is just amazing; the acoustics are nice here, too.”


“[I] feel I’ve been in the presence of beauty. And I’ve been in the presence of dance, which always, to me, is the same thing that they’re trying to impart to us—that that is beauty. And that is love, and that is what we should feel in this life. And they imparted that to me.


“Being a dancer myself, my whole body was involved; I was feeling it. I felt like I was on the stage. When that happens to me, I know that I’m seeing something really great.”


“What I would say to my students is that to listen to the music, and to keep their eyes open, and to just observe and to take it all in, not to try to break it apart, don’t try to analyze, just take the whole movement in, all the choreography, all of the music and feel it inside of you, deep inside and see what happens, see what comes out of you.”


“I just want to thank [Shen Yun] for this lovely evening. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get to come home because they were selling the tickets out. I actually drove from Tucson to come see it. And it was sold out. I told my friend, find tickets in any city, I’ll fly to go see them.”


“[While reading Shen Yun’s promotional material], I was looking at the beauty of the photography — how they were capturing the dancers. Just the gorgeous lines of the movement, like the Grand jetés, I don’t know if people understand that, but the leaps and how in the leaps they just looked so serene and so beautiful and happy. When I saw that, I thought, I have to see that again. I have to have that. … It’s a gift. It really is a divine gift.”


“I hope I’ll get to see them again. I would like to see them many times. … And now I’m not going to miss any of them. I will return.”