‘Shen Yun is a celebration of life, transcendence of the human spirit’

April 17, 2017

“I feel this show is very illuminating.”

“The dancers were excellent. You can tell that they were highly trained. They were completely skilled, and every single moment was choreographed to absolute perfection.”

“They (props) were beautifully integrated.”

“They (sopranos) were very otherworldly.” 

“The lyrics are beautiful, very meaningful.”

“I love the combination of the Western and Chinese instruments. I thought that was beautifully integrated.”

“The fact that those two strings (erhu) created this world of melody and sound was very impressive.”

“I feel that much dedication and reverence [in the performers] gave you a feeling of beauty and a depth, and really raised your spirit.”

“I think any time people come together and celebrate performers in an uplifting way that it rejoices the human spirit will always benefit the society. It’s important that we support the arts that can lift the spirit.”

“This performance is not allowed to be seen in China, and I think this is sad. I think this is the spirit of the Chinese culture that should be seen in China.”

“I love the whole spiritual element to the show. I feel that the show really makes me have a sense of hope where goodness can transcend darkness.”

“I always appreciate any time there are moments when people are going a little deeper, and touching on something greater than our daily lives. I’m always glad that that’s expressed in art.”

“Shen Yun is a celebration of life, transcendence of the human spirit, and a combination of spiritual elements incorporated in the art.”