Shen Yun Inspiring and Poetic, Corporate President Says

March 13, 2018

“I’ve wanted to come to this show for six or seven years, and this was a present from my wife. I am very excited to be here. … The music is absolutely beautiful. The costumes are spectacular. The dance sequences are very well thought-out. It’s an inspiring show.”

“The dancing has a lot of energy, but the costumes add to the energy. … The costumes go with the dancing, the dancing goes with the music, the music goes with the costumes. It’s an absolutely beautiful show.”

“It’s wonderful to see the artists. We’re very close to the stage, and when the artists are performing, it’s almost like they’re looking at you and performing for you. You can forget the rest of the auditorium. They are performing for you.”

“The incorporation of the music and the dancing, and the solo dancers with the group dancers is very fluid. It’s very poetic. Very, very beautiful show. Inspiring. I’ll have to come see it again now.”

“I think it’s very interesting from a cultural perspective and from a historical perspective: … the blending of the modern music and the traditional dance with the old Chinese legends and the spiritual background of China.”

“How do you describe beauty? It’s such a personal thing. Much of [Shen Yun] is much like the beauty in nature, the flow of the colors. … It’s almost like [the dancers] flow like water. The beauty of nature and blending the dance with the backgrounds, the natural backgrounds, is just spectacular.”