Shen Yun Inspires Ballet Dancer

April 15, 2017

“I loved it! It was magnificent, so vibrant and colourful, so funny as well. It had everything, acting, music, it was really good.”

“I feel so happy, it was so energetic, I was just in love it with, I enjoyed every minute of it … the Opera singing, it was just amazing, I really enjoyed it.”

“I feel really inspired and I really want to do more and I want to be like that. It makes me want to try harder in my dancing because its so inspiring. Seeing all the principal dancers and what they can do and I just want to do that, it’s just amazing.”

“I just love that they are able to share their culture with other people and bring it to Australia and show us Aussies what they can do and their traditional culture. … [The dancers’] energeticness, makes me want to get out of my seat and dance with them.”