Shen Yun, ‘I think it’s lovely in every way,’ Says Business Owner

April 17, 2017

“[The dancers] were very lovely. The choreography [was] very lovely, and this is beautiful.” 

“[I was touched by] the scene where the young girl loses her child (“A Child’s Choice” dance). … It’s sad. You can all relate to that even today.”

“The girls (other theatergoers) were asking me if I noticed their (dancers’) facial expressions. They are all the same, they are so perfect, and what talent that is. Not only the people who are doing it, but the people who are training them.”

“I think society needs to slow down and look at beautiful [things]. … This is very grounding.”

“I think it’s lovely in every way — the body movements, the facial movements — and I really am taken by the way they bring the screen (digital backdrop) into the performance; that really is wonderful. That really pulls you into the performance.”

“Next year when they come to town, we won’t miss them.”