Shen Yun Helps Identify With Ones Heritage, Author Says

April 11, 2018

“I enjoyed the Shen Yun performance. It was excellent. I was delighted that I could learn a lot about Chinese history, and especially about Chinese dance.”

“With these performers reviving Chinese culture and traditions, the Chinese people can identify with their heritage.”

“The spirituality that weaves throughout the performance will help people grow and move towards perfection. There is so much one learns from Shen Yun.”

“People have abilities they must find and develop through breeding, upbringing, education and culture. Especially culture is needed for peoples growth potential. This was brought out by Shen Yun and was well received.”

“Divine inspiration is known to people and that is what makes us human.”

“Humans need to understand the reason for their existence. This performance brings such answers to the forefront.”