Shen Yun ‘Has All the Right Messages for Society,’ Philadelphian Councilman Says

March 8, 2018

“I was amazed by the total dancing and the choreography that was put into the presentation and the messaging that goes through the whole show. … Morality and virtue and what it means to be good, as good overcomes evil.

“Divinity is throughout the whole performance, which makes you feel good about yourself, makes you want to do good things, and to be positive instead of negative. … What it means to you as a person—to be a good person.”

“It has all the right messages for the society like today that seems to be so negative … this allows you to feel like if you are moral and you have virtue, it will take you past all the negativity and the evil that is in the world today.”

“Wo ai [I love] Shen Yun.”

“The singing and even the messages in the songs … talking about [how] we came from a better place, and we are going to become better people along the way. … Really lends a great message to us here today.”