Shen Yun Has a Wonderful Message of Love

March 12, 2017


Sal Goin: 

“It’s one of the most beautiful shows that I’ve ever seen.”

“Very beautiful, very moving, very wonderful.”

“Very spiritual, more than we expected, and a wonderful reminder of what’s most important … Love. The power of love.” 

“What a treat to be able to experience a different part of humanity, very wonderful … We are very happy to hear that this is spreading to more places around the planet.”


Clarissa Kachele:

“It was very positive. I love the message that it has … What’s important in life is not what you have, it’s just your soul … Happiness and peace. Peace and be united, especially now .. Compassion. Think about the [other] people. Don’t only think about yourself.”

“I would strongly recommend it. I would say it’s definitely something you need to see. Not only for the enjoyment, but for you and your soul.”