Shen Yun Has ‘A Divine Beauty,’ Musician Says

April 22, 2018

“The performance was really very mesmerizing. Being a musician myself, and I also used to dance in the past, and I studied martial arts as a child, I just found it very mesmerizing. … The dances [were] even spiritually uplifting.”

“The dancers were excellent. The lines were perfect, the curves, the hands, the toes were pointed, the backs were arched, the flips were mesmerizing. It was great.”

“I love the live orchestra. I was watching the conductor. Nobody was offbeat, nobody was flat, nobody was sharp. The drummers didn’t drag, they didn’t rush. That’s something I was really paying attention to.”

“[The combination of Eastern and Western instruments in the orchestra] is what surprised me the most, because I was wondering how they were going to instill that together. But they did a flawless job. It was flawless. Do they actually have the soundtrack here? I’m definitely going to look for that because the music was the best. I loved that.”

“There were even parts that gave me chills and made my fiancée cry. … It was a scene where I believe it was God coming from the sky, and when the harps, the violins, the flutes, everything came in. The oboes, and the double base, I also heard the timpani and the suspended cymbals. It gave [us] more of a reaction to that [scene].”

“[The music] helped a lot by showing the emotions of the dancers. Since there isn’t any speaking, you can understand their feelings with the music. When you [hear] the higher notes, you actually feel the pain, the agony. And also when you hit the lower notes, you actually hear the anger or the frustration.”

“The energy that I received was just a positive energy, [like] a sense of peace, where you actually had a mixture of feelings. You actually felt the anger, the happiness, and the sadness, and also the excited feelings, at times. I just had a mixture of a lot of different feelings, and I enjoyed it.”

“I did find [the performance] spiritual, and I was kind of seeing that through the Chinese perspective. … The spirituality that I felt from it was [about] the divinity of doing good, and also we came from good, so if we continue to do good, we can find ourselves again.”

“There’s definitely a divine beauty and a divine power behind it – not just with the dancing, but with the music as well.”

“I actually felt as if we did go back several millennia. It was very interesting. … I was taken back for a while. And when it came to the fifteen-minute intermission, that’s when I kind of came back to reality. And then I went back in.”

“There wasn’t a dull moment. Everything from the shining jewelry that they were wearing to, the colors, … it was funny. That was the fastest two-and-a-half hours I’ve ever lived.”

“[It was] breathtaking, and just a very unique experience.”

“I would definitely see this again. I will.”

“I would recommend it. Watch it, go with an open mind.”