Shen Yun Gives Theatergoer A New Understanding of Chinese Culture

April 13, 2017

“I’m learning a lot about Chinese history … [and] some of the religious history that I didn’t know about. From my age, you know, it’s mostly been since communist rule. So, I’m glad that there is a show like this going on to let us know what happened before communist rule. A new understanding.”

“[There is] a lot of use of nature [in the performance], Mother Nature, which I think is very important. So I like that.” 

“The entire production as a whole … flows really well. I like that in between each [vignette] they have the man and woman [emcees] who come out and explain the next part.”

“I like the staging. I loved the … animation; I think that’s great. Great use of animation.”

“I think they’re doing a really good job. I think it’s a wonderful effort, and I hope they continue it.”