Shen Yun Flawless, Mesmerizing, Says Producer/Publisher

January 19, 2017

“The synchronization of the dancers is so unbelievable. You can’t even imagine how much rehearsal they must have done to do what they do.”


“The graphics are very interesting, the way they incorporate the live with the still and the way the jump out of the [backdrop].”


“I love the music, I love the traditional instruments they use and the fact that it’s live. I love that.”


“You have to understand, when you have an orchestra that’s not even seeing what’s going on, and the dancers have to coordinate with the music, they can’t be off. They have to be on point, steady.

“And they do it. It’s flawless. Like even the jumping out of the [backdrop], that is so intricate and it’s not even off [a tiny bit]. So it’s well produced—well produced. I just think they rehearse 24 hours a day every day, these guys, to do that.”

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