Shen Yun Fills Your Soul, Argentine Congresswoman Says

March 10, 2018

“The orchestra is beautiful. The music is beautiful. The truth is that it’s magical. We were shocked. It’s all music, dance, colors.”

“I liked everything, but if I was shocked by the [Chinese dance story] “Awakening”—the part of the monk. I am very moved by that part because it is something we live in everyday—the aggression. … I liked it very much. I liked everything, but that part was so exciting, so current.”

“I believe that we Westerners have to learn a lot from the East, more [from] the spiritual side: its philosophy of life, its form, its thoughts. I’m in love with [Chinese culture]. … I like its philosophy of life that unites us all. I believe that deep down.”

“It is a teaching … that not everything is lost, that one can make mistakes. And from the point of view of art, that message is pouring out to me, not spoken but from the point of view of art, from Chinese dance.”

“[The artists] have a special energy apart from their movements, their motions—magical, magical! Not only the performance, [but also] the show itself: the artists, the music, their costumes.”

“I recommend it. … I think it fills your soul watching this show.”