Shen Yun ‘Fascinating, Entertaining, and Educational,’ Says Public Relations Firm Owner

April 17, 2017

“I think it’s outstanding, it’s beautiful, it’s historic, it’s innovative, it’s engaging, and it’s just very lovely.”

“Their [dance] is graceful, they (dancers) float, and they’re beautiful. Chinese people are very beautiful, and you bring it to the center stage.”

“It’s also political a little bit, and I like that because it’s just a commentary through dance and through art to bring that (oppression in China) to the stage and to the forefront.”

“In fact, I’ve just finished a book about a friend of mine who lived through the Cultural Revolution, and his book recounts a lot that happens in your interpretations of the dance. So I found it fascinating, entertaining and educational, and the costumes are lovely.” 

(To Shen Yun performers) “Bring more shows here. Hopefully, bring them to China, the mainland, that would be interesting. Thank you very much for this opportunity, and thank you for the show.”