Shen Yun Exudes Happiness and Tranquility

February 24, 2018

“Love it, absolutely! Everything is so graceful. I like the culture. It’s fun to see the different culture that we are not familiar with, and everything is so smooth. The multi-media [digital backdrops] are just merged perfectly.”

“It’s just amazing, wonderful. I really, really enjoyed the melodies of that style of music, very much so. It’s a little new to me, but it is beautiful.”

“It exudes happiness. It exudes bright color. It exudes melodies, and it just feels tranquil at the same time. It’s pretty hard to go much beyond just feeling that everything is one, kind of universal, and that’s the tranquility that it’s sending out.”

“[China’s divinely-inspired culture] is part of the feeling of the universality that the show is hitting. Everything merges, is one, and it does that in so many ways and so smoothly. It is getting it through without having to intellectualize it, but rather through the music, … movements, and the feelings that ensue. It’s done a wonderful job of that.”