Shen Yun Expresses ‘Beauty and Grace,’ Says National Martial Arts Champion

January 27, 2018

“It’s incredible to see different expressions of a culture through movement, through music, through sound, through different artistic means. It’s beautiful to see.”

“You can see there is a lot of care and compassion shown from different stories about how people can overcome different obstacles; try to better themselves; learn more about themselves; become better people, happier people; develop more compassion; and help other people through that.”

“It’s nice to see the artistic expression of the same thing I try to do myself [self-improvement] displayed through dance.”

“[The costumes] really add to the performance, add to the depth of the movement. They use their clothes to enhance how they are moving, how they’re expressing themselves, and it adds a real depth. It is beautiful.”

“They are really expressing this kind of deep beauty and grace through movement. … It has an effect. As they express themselves, you feel like expressing yourself [in a way that is] open, honest, and compassionate toward everyone.”

“It’s inspiring to see. Especially because a lot of [traditional Chinese culture] has been repressed, it’s nice to see it in its glory, being performed. It’s inspirational.”

Jamie Lippiatt, martial arts teacher, former national martial arts champion
FirstOntario Concert Hall, Hamilton, Canada
Shen Yun Touring Company
January 26, 2018