Shen Yun Exceptional and Breathtaking, Marya Beauvais Says

January 16, 2018

“I thought it was exceptional. It’s breathtaking, the costumes are amazing.’

“It is just so overwhelmingly moving with how delicate they are and fragile and strong at the same time and the balance of all the colors and their movement and their expression and what the meaning is behind everything, is. It’s extraordinary! We absolutely love it.”

“I was really moved by the performance of the tragedy of the man who was trying to, he was in the park and he was meditating and they took him to jail and it made me cry and that’s terrible that this cannot be show in their native country. It’s making me cry. Everyone should see something so pretty.”

“[The Shen Yun performers are] excellent. They’re like, spot on, there’s, they’re exceptional, their beauty and magic is just, they come to life. … dance so gracefully with all those silks and the long sleeves, that was, it’s so beautiful and we’re so happy to have been able to witness this. Thank you for coming here [to Dallas].”

“The colors, it was like bright and beautiful and so happy and it’s what the world needs right now. To see something so magical. It was lovely, everything.”

“The instruments, some of the instruments are so unique and the baritone that sang ‘The Creator’—he was amazing. That was beautiful and it was visual and I loved, it was almost like a prayer up there that he was singing and I loved that. That was very nice.”